The Customer can Smell "Being Taken Advantage Of" a Mile Away How a few charismatic household brands are being tempted with easy money shortcuts.

Charismatic Businesses know that customer engagement IS the foundation to their magical charisma.  Yes, it may cost a little extra to create the engaged customer experience, but the profitability easily offsets the difference.

Starbucks, one of the higher ranking companies in our Business Charisma survey, is opening liquids-only locations.  It seems that selling hot beverages is a lot more profitable than also providing WIFI, seating for gatherings.  Do people pay extra for their Starbucks because their coffee is the only great coffee out there?  What percent pay the price to have a common place to meet friends?

When your customer is being asked to sacrifice,  there is an erosion of your charismatic relationship.  Time Warner is trying to patch relationships with their current response times due to the sacrifice they forced on their customers for so long.

Can the airlines ever overcome their negative customer feelings with the latest “squeeze the last drop of blood” fare ploy.  When fuel prices dropped, did the airlines give up luggage fees?  Southwest has nothing to fear.  Bags fly free is cheap advertising.

Even vaunted Disney has succumbed to an attempt to suck dollars from their customers with valueless offerings.  Read my friend Janine Moon’s post on one Disney fiasco in the making:

One of the most telling litmus tests for true value is the customer’s answer to the question, “It was worth it because . . . . . ”

When customers respond with positive rants you have smoke/fire.  When they respond with “are you kidding me?” you can know that entertainment is about to follow.  You find entertainment when the small raises to greatness, or when the mighty fall.

Oh, you providers of value.  Do not think you can pull one over the customer.  They can smell it and will make sure to tell everyone they can about your abuse of trust.  Don’t offer “thin” value.  It will catch up to you.

Repent you thinners.

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