The Crush of Black Friday Mania

Best Buy LogoFor those who think that shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving is all about sweet deals, you may be missing the point.  I think of a couple of years ago and my son and two of his friends.  We were standing in line at a CompUSA at midnight in order to capture some sweet Black Friday promotional goods.  Did we freeze?  You betcha.  Memories?  Off the chart.  It was a zoo and the service a joke.  But the memories of being with my son during the wee hours of night is forever.  Home Depot

I remember the year where we also timed our visits to Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Max and Home Depot.  The visits were to harvest the great offerings each had.  I remember the Best Buy employees coming out with donuts and hot chocolate prior to their openning.  Is that class or what?

Just four more days from today.  Hmmm . . .that TV in the kitchen is looking pretty run down :-).

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