The AT&T Death Star . . . Stands Down.

Blackberry BoldAT&T Death Star LogEvery since I was a Vice President over several call centers with 500+ agents on the phone, I have been amazed at the antagonistic ways of AT&T.   Over the years their shenanigans have been epic.  Like the month that they charged me $1200 for dial up Internet service.   Or there was the Herculean effort in demeaning service in a retail store one day.

But alas . . . they have surprised me.

My wife and I had stopped in an AT&T phone store to shop for cell phones for our daughter.  The new Blackberry Bold had it’s release set back week after week and month after month.   I asked casually if they knew when they would get them.

“We got them this afternoon and they are in stock.  Would you like one?” came the answer.

I was out of there with my nifty new phone within on half hour.  They reprogrammed my old phone for my daughter, got me my rebate forms, a case for the new device all in a half hour. . . and with a smile.

AT&T . . . what a great experience for a change :-).

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