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Insider Trading with Warren Buffett: The embarrassing truth from a non-believer

Who the heck is Jim Kilts?   My oldest brother is friends with Jim Kilts.  Mr. Kilts was the Chairman of the Board of Gillette before it got sold to Procter and Gamble.  It was at Gillette that Kilts developed a relationship with Warren Buffett and where they came to know each other’s strengths.   When Buffett resigned from the board of Coca Cola he recommended Kilts to take his place because “he is one of the great businessmen in America.”  Turn the clock ahead and Gillette gets sold to P&G and Kilts is “in between jobs.”   It was during this time
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Hugging a Wind Gust – How Smart Business People Do IT.

Like any hang glider knows, it is hard to control the wind.  What about Reed Hastings and Netflix?  A decade ago he was embarrassed to tell his wife about late fees on a video rental he forgot to return.  A trip to the gym had him thinking, “why can’t I make renting a DVD video like my membership at the gym?  You pay a flat rate per month and use it all you want.”   Does Blockbuster wish they could turn back the clock and not charge this one guy a late fee?  Here comes a wind gust.   Now Mister Hastings
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