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Leadership should smell like Miracle Whip

Kraft Mac & Cheese, pantyhose, and Apple iPods.  When times get tough, we see the emergence of true leadership and vision.  The choice is to wallow in pity, self doubt and second guessing or – to act and charge ahead, WITH COURAGE.  It is during hard times that we most need to look for opportunities, to get creative, to hone our capabilities and look for new ways to succeed.  In the recession of 2001 and 2002, General Electric, with billions of dollars of sales in light bulbs failed to keep up with the inventiveness of rivals who were developing more-efficient
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What Should YOUR Business Look Like In a Speedo?

Mike Vance is, in my opinion, one of the greatest business speakers in the last 100 years.  His work on developing creativity is cornerstone.  He introduced the three methods to create something.  Those were: Invention Invention (i.e. the light bulb) Invention Extension (i.e. the flashlight) Invention Devention (see below) An old Nike T-shirt had a saying plastered across the front that read, “The older I get the better I was!”  That is me.  Believe it or not, there was a time when I was the captain of the swim team -many, many, many pounds ago with the svelt torso to
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And they make good shoes as well

I am writing an article for an association magazine and recall seeing a set of rules that came from Nike in the 1980’s.  Referred to at the time as an escaped email from within Nike it outlined 10 Principles that supposedly represented the dogma and maxims of Nike as they went out and competed in the market in the early days of their existance.  In searching through the Internet, I had a hard time finding them.  Finally I resorted to calling Nike’s PR arm in New York City.  Leaving a message I thought, “well, they will never call back .
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