And they make good shoes as well

I am writing an article for an association magazine and recall seeinNike Logog a set of rules that came from Nike in the 1980’s.  Referred to at the time as an escaped email from within Nike it outlined 10 Principles that supposedly represented the dogma and maxims of Nike as they went out and competed in the market in the early days of their existance.  In searching through the Internet, I had a hard time finding them.  Finally I resorted to calling Nike’s PR arm in New York City.  Leaving a message I thought, “well, they will never call back . . . I might as well do a little more search.  Alas I found them (below).  The rest of the store is. . . NIKE CALLED BACK.  The big giant corporation is responsive to the little guy.  There is still hope.

The NIKE Principles –

1. Our business is change

2. We're on offense. All the time.

3. Perfect results count -- not a perfect process.

  • Break the rules; fight the law.

4. This is as much about battle as about business.

5. Assume nothing.

  • Make sure people keep their promises.
  • Push yourselves push others.
  • Stretch the possible.

6. Live off the land.

7. Your job isn't done until the job is done.

8. Dangers.

  • Bureaucracy.
  • Personal Ambition.
  • Energy takers vs. energy givers
  • Knowing our weaknesses
  • Don't get too many things on the platter

9. It won't be pretty.

10. If we do the right things we'll make money damn near automatic.

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