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David fights Goliath VIA the Detroit Automotive Show – a lesson in Contrarianism and Synergy

The Detroit International Automobile Show 2012.   Among the hundred thousand square feet vendor booths, and the multimillion dollar backdrops complete with state of the art multimedia, and eye candy models . . . both male and beautifully coiffed women;  sits the center of attention. It is all about the cars.  There are cars.  Each collection is often changed out each day for maximum exposure.  Audi might have a new metallic paint the invites you to touch it’s too-strange-too-be-true finish.  That is OK because some t-shirted youth, armed with polishing rags and dust wands wander incessantly to make sure nary a
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The best of the worst and the worst of the best.

Are you feeling pressures to provide your value and reduce your price? Average.  The best of the worst and the worst of the best.   The Bankruptcy Gap is the phenomina the requires you to drive down your costs and compete on price OR move your to offering unique and improved value and move up in the pricing world.  If you stay in the middle, the average . . . you are courting bankrutpcy . . . until time serves it up to you.  This is comparing Dell to Apple.  Dell competes on price, Apple on the customer experience.  This is
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Laundry Soap, Travel Agents, and Computers . . . and what they have in common with a Moving company?

Are you tired of competing on price? Introducing the Bankruptcy Gap. Remember when there was only one Tide laundry detergent?  I counted last week, there are now over 70 sizes, types and smells of Tide at the supermarket.  There are versions for top load washing machines, front loaders, for smelly clothes, for whites and even a version in a tube that you can get the coffee stain off the front of your shirt at the office.  What about personal computers?  When I first started selling PCs in the 1980’s (ancient history I know) there were 3 or 4 major brands,
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