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Dentists are Getting Chewed Up – – – How Dental Professionals can escape Price Competition and other Woes

Dentists are getting chewed up.  Third-party dictation of dental fees, the overpopulation of Dentists and Hygienists, and the expansion of “staff” doing more and more dentistry are just the tip of the iceberg that is threatening to sink the ship. In the middle of that is the patient, who is demanding a different experience.   The millennial generation is bringing in their kids, and they want something different than those Baby Boomers. Is the problem the competition or is it the mindset of the dentist?  IF the customer is shopping for the best price on a filling, then dentistry is just
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Which is harder? Strategy or Execution? I ask and your answers are. . . .

With a ratio of  9 to 1 the answer is . . .  (the suspense builds, but more on that in a minute). It was the late 60’s and Fred Smith was listening to the conversations of the other Jet Jockey’s.   Fred was flying charter flights out of a the Tweed New Haven airport.  The pilots of the other sleek corporate jets were mentioning how their planes were empty.  No passengers.  They were flying around the country delivering computer parts.  These pilots for IBM, Xerox and the like were trying to cover for the need that was not being
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