How make a Stand Out Voicemail . . . Making a Dent In YOUR Universe – (for those who want more customers, increased sales, and more influence)

It has been said that 80% of all conversations now occur with one person communicating with another, with some sort of technology acting as the go-between.

Voice mail! That technology monster that buffers us from those who we can help.

Is there a formula for leaving voice mail?  If I left you a voice mail on the value of quick drying paint, you probably are going to delete it in record time.  Even if it is short and to the point. 

But if I leave you a message on proven methods to make your vacation twice as fun, without additional expenses . . . you are probably going to listen to the message, albeit long. 

#1 – Introduction

If you don’t do this, they will automatically think you are hiding something and hit the delete button so they can get onto the 12 other voicemails and the 50 emails that are sizzling. 

·         “Hi. This is _________________ with _________________”

#2 – Use your “Stand Out” collected intelligence

Using gathered information from their web site, Annual Report, Google Alert, 10K,, LinkedIn Advanced Search, or by mentioning a referral person you personalize the message to connect. 

·         “I was looking on your web site and noticed_______________”

·         “I understand that you are pursuing a _______________ direction and  . . . “

·         “It looks like you are dealing with _____________ because of _____________ in your industry.”

#3 – Hint at your applicable “You-Cans”, those benefits that might be of value to them.

·         “In working with other ___________ like you, we found that ______________ has helped them _________”

·         “We specialize in ____________(area of expertise) for ____________ and helping them deal with _____________”

·         “With other ____________, we have helped them work on their ________________issues.”


#4 Suggest possible additional value that you could provide them with further conversations and/or questions

“We have been able to help other ________ grow their ______________.  If this is a good time for you, lets connect.  I will call you next __________”

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