Selling Ice to Eskomos and plain simple water to . . . YOU! How to turn the everyday into something speacial

Great friends, exclusive restaurant.  The drink order, sweet mint-basil lemon-aid (suggested by friends) and  . . . water.

When the water arrives it is in a green glass with the requested lemons bobbing in the room temperature water. 

“Ah, could I perhaps get some ice?”

“Well of course,” comes the reply from the waiter, in her crisp and starched attire.

Moments later a fully filled glass of ice is set in front of me, with a pair of silver tongs.

Not only was the food excellent, but the way the restaurant turned water into an experience was masterful.   I felt like I was stepping out of  a James Bond movie . . . shaken but not stirred.

This is the opposite of the shop that attaches bells to their door that announce, “ah ha . . .caught you trying to sneak in” with a ring and a clank.

This is more like Disney, who just opened their new Fantasy Land with rides that incorporate waiting areas, complete with playground areas for kids, and pagers to let you know when it is your turn to board the ride.

One of their new ride ques is so entertaining, one guest returned just to experience the Que.  I mean, who intentionally waits in line?

How can you turn the mundane customer experience into a stage production.  Ice tongs anyone?

To get this kind of show business in your business requires  you have to slow down and look at the customer interactions.  Each transaction has steps to it.  Look at the transaction and then look at each step and the customer touch point and experience.

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