Say Less, Sell More

Do you really sell?

There sits the buyer, with their cash and resources.  Your objective is to change their Status Quo, to get them to buy more of your product and service OR to start buying from you instead of your competition.  In either case you need to mess with the Status Quo.

But the buyer has a lot of others who are reaching for those dollars and they may have better products or faster services at a cheaper price than your offerings.

Who will win the customers business?

These customers will spend the money on those offerings that will either help them eliminate their pain


They will vote with their buying dollars for those who will help them achieve their visions, their passions and priorities.

So what are their pains and problems?  What are their priorities and passions?

How can you know unless you Say Less . . .  so you can Sell More.

The trusted adviser, your professional expert is respected for their ability to diagnose probably more than they are for their great knowledge.  Think Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, or even your hair dresser or auto mechanic.

“It is making this clunking noise when I do this.”

“Don’t do that.”  (paraphrased from the late Henny Youngman)

Unless you Say Less . . . and Sell More, that is listen to the customer IN A DIALOG and conversational way, then you are just the next in a tired line of manipulative, glitzy, and sleazy sales people.  Today authenticity is too important for success.  You do not want to be the  person that does the “show up and throw up” sales pitch.

Until the customer admits they have a problem you will never have a sell.

How can they admit they have a issue if YOU are talking?  You must: Say less. . . sell more.

“So if I Say Less . . . Sell More, how do I control the sale?  I get paid when I tell the customer about my products.  That means I have to talk.”

You can talk all you want, but until the customer’s vision matches your offerings you are wasting your breath.   That is where the EPRS questions come into play.

Until you know the customer’s challenges, how those impact their business (the results) and what solutions THEY envision you are just another Snake Oil salesperson.  (read Kordell’s Spontaneous Combustion book)

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