Same tooth . . . 4 different Dentists

This morning I go to the 4th Dentist to get a tooth fixed.

  1. One caused the problem.
  2. The second had such a cavalier attitude and condescending demeanor, added to his initial shy’ing away from fixing a “difficult” tooth.
  3. The third advertised that he was indeed capable in fixing it, only to then actually look at it and send me to the fourth because his competence was in handling the really easy stuff.  I loved the “we can’t fix your tooth, but (we will charge you to tell you that and) would love to have you come back when the 4th dentist is done an let us do the final work on your tooth getting it capped.”   Really?   Come on.
  4. The 4th has already has warned me (through his staff) that he is going to be expensive.   I kind of hope so.

I am tired of the pain.   What is the right price when you are hurting?

In all of this, how many of the first three called or followed up to see how I was doing?   NONE.

How can you make your business better if you don’t ask customer (patients) how they are doing after the fact.   Heaven forbid they should care about 20>20>40 . . . the forty percent AFTER the engagment.   

Even in dentistry, common sense professionalism is lacking.

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