Revenge is Sweet when it is served up cold – Respect for People Catches Up

It was 2001 and the economy was in a tail spin.  I was my third year working for an I.T. company located in the Cleveland area.  My sales growth was only up 96% over the previous year . . . which was up over 230% over the previous year . . . which was up over 330% over the year before I arrived.

But the main product lines of the I.T. company were DOWN 6%.  So guess who got the axe?  The guy that was robbing all the resources, attention, focus.

After my “Reduction in Force” I did a slow burn for a long time.  What made it worse was the way these guys treated their customers and employees.   The ultimate was when they moved all of the senior executives to Florida and set up an office.  All the rest of them employees stayed in the snow belt of the mid-west doing the day to day work.   The flagrant disrespect of Leadership for their employees.

You wonder how long someone can treat their employees with disrespect before it finally catches up.  I was beginning to wonder.

Then Christmas arrived early.  I found out today that within the last month there was a wholesale change of the executives as new Board members moved in to find out why the company was performing so poorly.   Gone is the office in Florida, gone are the Lear Jet perks, gone are the sales and marketing executives with their supporting good old boys club of directors.

It took almost 8 years for justice to catch up to these characters.

Ah . . . there still are ethics out there.

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