Professionalism is Catchy

I work with Kent State Universitylot of colleges and universities.  Several years ago I did some strategic planning for one group of post secondary schools which eventually lead to being asked by a lot of different education institutions to conduct Strategic Planning, Sales Training, Marketing & Branding classes and workshops.

Recently Kent State University started asking me to help some of their internal customers as well as external clients with various projects.

I have come away from these experiences with a new found respect for the professionalism of some of the Kent State people.  These are warm, intelligent and yet very progressive individuals.

As both a provider of experiences for them and a customer of their value it is refreshing.

What can be learned?

1. Have a plan and executive to that plan

2. Constantly ask for input and insights from your customers, fellow employees and vendors

3. Be firm but calm.  Let all around you know that you mean business, but politeness and manners go a long way.

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