Optometrist clearly see Charisma as the Ultimate Marketing Tool

Intelligent, good looking, and very personable.  The conversation with this Doctor of Optometry is instructional.

“When I graduated, you had a couple of choices.  Start your own office, or buy an existing optometrists practice.   If you did the later, you had to be aware of Personality Practices.   These are those optometrists who, based on their personality had more successful businesses.  The fear was, you buy the practice and your personality wasn”t magnetic enough for the customers  . . . and they left.”

Business Charisma has this kind of impact on the business AND the competitors.  Six Flags competing with Disney?  No way.  Ringling Brothers to Cirque du Soleil?  Not even close, although it could be argued they are both circuses.

Charisma does this to your business.  It puts a barrier to the competition that price, and functionality can”t deal with.

My new optometrist friend smiles.  “Now all these years later, I too have a Personality Practice.”  His rough observations are that his revenue stream seems to run about 50% higher than his competent, and professional non-charismatic peers.  The 50% higher sales are what the surveys support.  “Our research shows that a customer will pay 50% for a fascinating product”, says Sally Hogshead.

Charisma is not only the Fairy Dust, the magnetic personality and presence that the business exudes, this je ne sais quoi is the magic that creates the ultimate marketing tool.

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