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He leaned close and said, “there is not a missing tooth in sight, is there?”Southern Tea

The land of magnolias, sweet tea, and southern charm out the Yazoo (Yazoo City that is). Mississippi.

Last week I was presenting at a conference in Jackson, Mississippi.  Gorgeous country and warm people.  While at a luncheon the person sitting next to asked if I had been to his state before.  “Nope” came the reply, my witty rapporteur in full swing.  He asked what I expected on my first visit and I had to admit that in many ways his state was light years ahead of where I had it.  Since Mississippi is in last place for average income per household of these United States, I guess I thought it would be a dreary place.   The movie set of Deliverance it was not.

Add to the beauty of the country side, the extremely warm and hospitable personalities of these true southerners and I found myself leaving with a new found respect for the state with the longest name.

Now if I could just emulate their accent, I could double my income.

If you could get finish all of YOUR customer interactions with “Y’all come back now”with the authenticity of these folks, YOUR business would double as well.

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