Maybe it was smart to sell my Amazon stock . . . the anatomy of a modern day “Circle Shoot”. A game of blame passing

Maybe it was smart to sell my Amazon Stock

Stock prices.  They track the perceived value of organizations.  As a young man I worked for the “biggest retailer in the world.”  Today that corporation is a mere shadow of it’s once dominating position.  (In fact it was bought out by a competitor)  

When we get big, the organization often has much to loose, and so they protect themselves from the customer with policies.  This eventually it catches up.

I recently bought a very good product on Amazon.  It did everything it was supposed to do.  Well almost.  The product is called a SCOTTeVEST.   It allows you to have pockets inside a well tailored piece of clothing, and so pick pockets (we took a 3 week trip to several Mediterranean countries) could not dance off with your “stuff”.

It worked great.  Except for the zipper.

When I got back from my vacation I contacted SCOTTeVEST about a fix.  They said, “you bought it on Amazon and so we cannot fix it for you.  We are STRICTLY forbidden by Amazon”.

So when you go to Amazon they have a very clear button that says, “Contact the Seller”.

SCOTTeVEST :   “Don’t talk to us.  We will get in trouble.  Contact Amazon.”

AMAZON: “Don’t talk to us.  We are Amazon.  Contact the seller.”

The customer (me) sees this for the “circle shoot” that it is and wonders, “How long will it take until they go the way of the big, giant corporation?”

It took 40 years last time.   How long for Amazon? 

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