Making Leftovers Extremely Popular – The Secrets of Party Magic

Disney does it.  It seems that at one point Disney equipped the inside cabins on their ships with video screens that looked like portal windows.  At times during the day various Disney characters would appear and talk to the kids in that cabin.  For this Disney charged a premium.

Who takes your poorest value offering and charges a premium for it?

In American Fork, Utah there is a restaurant called Wingshak.  At lunch the line is incredible.  Mostly men.  All there for the Hot Parmesan flavor wings.  With a hundred seats, this place is just jumping with businesses.   My four sons are HUGE fans.  At weekend battles that call for an “all-siblings-on-deck” for remodeling escapades, their request is to have a feast of Wingshak chicken as part of the festivities.

Who takes the poorest value offering and charges a premium for it?

Gerber Poultry, a former client that specializes in Amish grown, natural chicken was amazed that the once dross by-products of the chicken . . . the wings and thighs, are now the more popular and dare we say, more profitable product.

Who takes the poorest value and charges a premium?

Those who can make it part of an experience.  That party.  That vacation.

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