Lose=Lose Negotiations to Start Thanksgiving . . . well almost.

It is the first year for our “combined” Thanksgiving dinner for my new marriage.  She is on the treadmill when I propose a seating arrangement for the pending dinner.  Her response was an eye roll.   “Why did we even decorate?”

Uh oh.

“Either way I am not going to be happy,” she says.

Instead of a lose-lose negotiations, I am finally getting to where I can back off and see what she proposes.  After some laughter, conversation and me heading down to my intergalactic headquarters to write this blog, I can see the win-win can be found in not worrying about it.  To let her host, and trust that she has thought of the solution weeks ago.

Lose-lose is just another way of saying, “”dude, just chill.”

For that I am thankful.

Happy Holiday.

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