Lessons in Perceptions – A National Awakening  on Predatory Behavior.     

When a woman says, “I have nothing to wear” she is saying that she needs to do some shopping.

When a man says, “I have nothing to wear”, he is saying that he needs to do his laundry.

Perceptions.  Assumptions.  Judgements.

America is reeling from the domino effect of women finding their voice, and calling men to task for the criminal and unfeeling sexual advances and innuendo.  The male in our species has been overstepping and is getting called on it.  Manipulation is wrong, and unwanted sexual advances can be criminal.  In this process there will be injustices that are righted.  There will also be some exceptions where one person took offense, where an insensitivity was not intended.

The irony is that those things done in assumed confidence, where a crime was hidden WILL ALWAYS COME OUT in the bright light of day.  These very public disclosures will explode in the coming months.

Men, reconsider and improve your respect for women.

There will always be a difference in perception because we are human.  The imperative for higher levels of empathy will become more and more important.  This, at a time when research shows that empathy skills are declining.

It is time to exercise those right brain lobes.  It is time to respect differences and to be mindful that we see things differently.

Has anything really changed?   There will always be a difference in perceptions.

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