Keys to Keeping Customers.

  1. Processes are not enough. Willingness to adapt, to be humble and teachable is a must.  Creativity, which takes the customers challenges and turns them into something wonderful, is the number one thing that is appreciated by today’s consumer.   This is turning the lemons . . . into Sprite.  Lemonaide is not enough.
  2. Beware of the negaholic. Whereas an act of poor service was communicated to 26 others in the past, today the negative experience goes out massive audiences of thousands via Twitter.  Consumers have too many choices to endure the pickle sucker.
  3. Your price is too low. When the consumer purchases something based on price, then they will tend to purchase that in the future for the low price.  True, authentic value is more sought after.  Research shows that the consumer will pay to to 50% MORE for the more valuable offering.  Do people pay twice as much for the luxury car because it gets twice the mileage of the lower priced car?   No way.
  4. They leave because you are focused on you. Your policies and procedures measure internal.  They can get that value anywhere.  To focus on them, the consumer, is so novel and fresh.

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