IKEA – Which is Swedish for "Great Customer Experience" – big grin

IKEAOne quarter TRILLION catalogs a year and over 600,000,000 customers makes IKEA of Sweden big.  But not so big that they can’t pay attention to customers.

Recently I was eating lunch with family in one of their stores (the famous Swedish Meat Balls with mashed potatoes.)   I noticed a young man a few feet away from me with his back turned toward me.  He walked away and there was a Microwave.  Right in the middle of the cafeteria.  A microwave.  How many restaurants would even consider allow YOU, the lowly customer, the choice of reheating your food when it cools off?

Like the garbage can right next to the exit in the rest room, or apples at the check in counter of the hotel after a long day’s travel . . . I love these organizations who think like the customer is thinking.

Don’t even let me get started on the big display of products conviently placed inside the elevator.  The ultimate shopping experience. . . on the elevator.

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