I am Steamed Up. . . and that is a good thing!

Stanley SteemerThe carpets in our Cave Dwelling had never been cleaned since we moved into our new home.  With a social event on the horizon, the Supreme Commander undertook the task of getting someone to come and shampoo a few rooms of carpet.

The TV advertisments for Stanley Steemer are masterful.  There is the one that says, “Our certified AND BONDED employees will safely clean your carpets.”  That “BONDED” thing is powerful.  It causes the customer to have an internal conversation that goes something like. . .

“Do I want someone who is NOT bonded to come into my home?  I wonder if they, the non-bonded people from the competitor will steal my stuff when I am not looking. . . or if they damage stuff.  Boy oh boy, I had better call the BONDED people or who knows what will happen.”

The day arrived.  I was totally blown away with the experience.

These two clean cut, uniformed, clean shaven guys arrive.  They roll a “runner” across the floors to lay their hoses on.  The back door receives a special apron that allows their hoses to snake in from their truck and into the house, while keeping the outdoors outdoors.  One guys job is just to manage the hoses so they don’t rub up against cabinets or furniture.

All the furniture they lifted and put on small, special sized blocks of styrofoam to protect it from the cleaning moisture.

What an awesome Customer Experience.  Well worth the money.   But aren’t all Customer Experiences worth the money?

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