How to Destroy Your Competition – Transactions or Transformations?

There is a sound that leaf cutter ants make as they cut to shreds a bush and haul it’s leaves back to their nest.  Amazing to watch and you don’t step in their path because that would then result in a powerful experience.  A vacation to watch the ants is a transaction.  Stepping in the path is a transformation.

Our lives are filled with transactions.  We price shop them.  We endure them.  “Wanna go to a movie?”  “Where do you want to go for dinner?”   These are transactions.

But there are times when the interaction of products and services migrate to a higher level.  Where the transaction changes into a transformation.

If your company interacts with Purchase Orders then you are in the transaction business.

But when you are having conversations with executives in board rooms . . .there are transformations ocurring.

When this happens the customer moves away from price and availability.  Instead they tell their friends about an awesome experience.

Getting on the scales (a transaction) is transformed when you watch Biggest Looser.

Vacation is morphed with an extreme tour of zip line, cave spelunking, snorkeling, and white water rafting through the jungles of Guatemala.

Can you say Diner, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri.  Watching an episode is a transaction.  Going to one of the Flavortown locations . . . that’s a transformation.

Sure Disney has a merry go round.  But that is not what the family remembers as memories are created, as all are transported to different times, locations, and stories.

Stop looking at your business in terms of getting more orders and instead asked, “How could I help my customers transform THEIR world?”

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