How ShamWow Can Mess Up YOUR Business

There is the scene in the ShamWow!ShamWow! - KordellNorton commercial where the spokesperson pours cola drink into a piece of carpeting.  He then proceeds to suction up massive amounts of liquid with the fantastical Shamwow.  On watching the commercial a second time I notice that between the soaking of the carpet and the picking up the liquid there is a moment when the camera cuts to a shot of the spokesperson. When the camera goes back to the carpet all of the soda that was running out from beneath is GONE.

The picture had been doctored.  Ah ha.  The ShamWow! is a SHAM . . .wow!

It is exactly things like this commercial that have turned us into the cynical bunch that we are.  We just don’t believe the hype, the advertising, the promotional materials anymore.

What program are you trying to sell?  What endeavor are you trying to recruit for?  What clients are you trying to attract?

The key to creditability these days are messages of performance from sources that we trust.   In a word . . . testimonials.

One friend singing the praises of the latest movie, the new restaurant, the most recent fashion and we move toward adoption.

So where do you get testimonials for your efforts?

In a few weeks I am going to speak to the Columbus chapter of ASTD (American Society of Training and Development).  These professional educators, both in private practice or working for various corporations need to sell their programs.  If the student won’t come, then they are out of business.

So how do you get testimonials for training?

Evaluations.  Not the ones the have a scale with smiley faces and a number grading system.  The “10s” are only good for feeding the ego of the presenter.  They don’t give you any feedback that can be used.

Imagine instead an evaluation sheet that asked, “What did you get out of this training?  What will you use?”  And then space was left for comments.  Wouldn’t those comments then be considered testimonials?

Look at your materials.  Are you wanting others to take you word on something?  Imagine the power of a hoard of others all touting your greatness.

To do this takes time.  It takes years to collect good testimonials.  For example:

Start today.  Ask your customers what they think and write it down.  You are starting the journey of making an impact.

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