How fast can a Brand lose it shine?

As a marketer I found the accolades given to the Obama campaign interesting a year ago.  From a purely scientific viewpoint they did put together a great win given his historical leanings and how those match up with the population at large.  They went into his presidency with a powerful brand with a lot of mental equity.

At the core of all great marketing is a religious vigor for listening to the customer.

The Obama camp have, with the health care bill, done a fantastic job of completely discounting that customer dialog.  They have done serious damage to his reputation, brand image and creditability.

When the late night comedians put your antics at the core of their humor you know you are in trouble.  They have been having a field day with the public’s reaction and in the past couple of nights have heaved some big hand grenades at Obama.  Political humor is easy.  But political humor where real emotion and commonality with the viewing public is gold.

If Obama’s people don’t start listening and responding with respect then the poll numbers will drop faster than a Tiger Woods endorsement.    It may be said that they have health care as their target but that doesn’t negate the issue that you can be totally right and out of business.  In wars men die for wrong causes all the time.

You have GOT to listen and HEAR what the other person is saying otherwise you have a heathy dose of pride in tow and we know where that takes you.

Something about a fall.  Which has a different name to those who can remain distant.  Entertainment.

It reminds me of what Johnny Carson said a few decades ago about one politician.

“Some people can shoot themselves in the foot.  I don’t have a problem with that.  But in this case, he can reload so FAST.”  (Johnny Carson)

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