Exits and Enters – What do you do when you have a 88% chance of failure

Two days left in the year.  Time to look back, learn from success and set-backs and make plans for climbing that next big challenge.

New Years resolutions have a 88% failure rate.  So why even make them?

The problem is not with the resolutions, but putting enough meat into them to make them work.

“I am going to lose weight” becomes a fight against will power.  If I just have enough tenacity, drive, and motivation . . .then I can white knuckle it . . . to the new me.

But willpower is not enough.  Especially with the speed and change that insults us with the latest “squirrel”  distraction.

The resolution must address the social, intellectual, physical and emotion areas of our lives and the skills needed for each area.   If we know we need to exercise but don”t know how to operation the equipment then the lose weight resolution fails because we are skill incompetent.

New Years Resolution success is really about our humility and openness to admit we don”t know, and a willingness to work on a bigger plan that is customized for us.   In most cases the packaged solution (“I think I will try the XYZ diet this time) is just not going to work.

So as you exit the now, and open the door on the new . . . what are you going to do differently socially, physically, intellectually?

For me, I am going to get back to work on my next years plans and stop focusing on this blog post “squirrel”.  (smile)

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