Do you know how much fun chocolate is?

There is the science of this brown stuff.

Chocolate contains all these awesome chemicals.  Phenylalaine elevates mood and increases amiability and helps the brain manufacture serotonin . . . which is linked to mood stability.  Beside the small amount of caffeine, chocolate also contains theobromine  which makes the nervous system more alert and improves concentration.   For decades, Hershey had a business of extracting theobromine from their discarded cocoa bean shells and selling this compound to Coca-Cola, who then put this powerful chemical in their soft drinks to add pep.  This continued until the 1950’s, when Coke found a less expensive substitute.

But chocolate’s two most interesting chemicals are anadamide and phenylethylamine.  These are found in the human brain and help emotion and heighten body sensation.  Anadamide is similar to the active ingredients in marijuana (tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC) . . . which helps to explain why people eat chocolate when they are depressed, or why they crave it.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) was discovered in chocolate in 1982.  It too creates feelings of happiness and bliss.  If you fall in love, win the lottery, or get a big promotion, it is your PEA levels that shoot through the roof.  No wonder chocolate is so easily associated with love, growth, happiness.

So what? (warning. . . there is a blatant sales message following)

If you belong to a association, or organization who has not heard Kordell Norton’s aswesome presentation . . .

Chocolate, Elephants & Wrinkle Remover: How to Supercharge Your Organization for Explosive Growth

and you think there may some interest. . . would you let me know?  I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to a meeting and talk about Chocolate and how to use it’s magic to grow your business. (grin)

But, back to our chocolate discussion.  All of the above chemicals inspired a poem by James Wadworth on the sexual implications of chocolate.

“Twill make Old Women Young and Fresh:

Create New Motions of the Flesh.

And Cause them long for you know what

If they but taste of Chocolate.”

So how can you  use this information to help you grow your business?  Consider your business like the 12 Step Chocolate Program, which states you should never be more than 12 steps from chocolate at any moment.

Here is hoping you make YOUR business 12 steps away from your customers.

Now excuse me while I dig into my secret stash of Hershey Kisses.

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