Do you have power . . . or just power based on a temporary appointment?

Power . . . does it come from position or from person?

Position power comes from controlling resources.  The CEO, the mother, the head of the committee.  It brings with it the ability wield “what I can do to others.”  It compels, commands and pushes.

Personal power on the other hand controls ourselves.  It”s strength is found in “what can I do to/for myself.”   It inspires, it draws like a magnet.  It shines and persuades with the possible.  Optimism and faith rolled up in one.

When change is the call of the day (and we live a huge change oriented time) we often think the easier way to go to get results is to have the power to push others, to command.

Although those who are controlled by position power may indeed execute, they will feel resentment.  They carry the dirty laundry of not being totally respected.  They know there may be some  appreciation, but it is not as rich and authentic as the motivation that comes from an inspiring source.  Which means in the long term, personal power has more impact and staying force.

If Charisma is the goal, power from Position and Person are worthy pursuits.  Combine them both with a modicum of deft and there is a winning formula.

But if you are not the CEO, the President of the United States and you want real staying Charisma . . . focus on self.  Nothing is quite as fascinating as someone who knows that they know.

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