Disney Never Fails to Impress with the Simple

Over the years, I have always found original material at the various Disney properties.  The stories and examples are perfect for a “professional speaker”.  This last week my bride and I, along with her sisters (and brother in law) made a journey to Disney’s California Adventure.  One of the mainstays of this particular Disney property is the Wonderful World of Color show.  In the middle of their lagoon, they combine light, smoke, fire, water fountains and lasers extraordinaire to create a one of kind experience.

A few weeks ago I had surgery on my knee.   This had me confined to a “scooter” for the day in California Adventure.   As we got to the Wonderful World of Color, there we met the “Keeper of the Ropes.”   He was the one who let me and my family into a section of the park where we could watch the show.   As he and I talked, I  inquired of how long he had worked there, how many hours a week he put in, etc.

Then, a few moments before the show started, he taps me on the shoulder and says, “it was great meeting you.   I got you a gift.”  He hands me a baked bread loaf in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Are you kidding?   How many times have you been the recipient of a gift of thanks by the servicing entity?

This is the stuff that sticks with customers.  Not how many fountains they had.   Not how many gallons of water are in the lagoon?   Not how many BTUs of gas were burned in the performance.

What is remembered is that one individual appreciated you (in this case me).    Go Disney. 

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