Dehumanizing words like Customer, Brother, Spouse . . . .

When we give someone a name, or classification like “customer”, then we group persons into a nice little folder to act upon, or to affect.

When we look at a person, really look at them as someone who is having a life experience, and take into account their individual thoughts, and emotions  . . . like you might consider your own, things change.

No longer can you inspire, manage, motivate, or even manipulate (heaven forbid).   The problem with Customer Service, or Sales Training, or Leadership Training is that it focuses on behaviors that will impact others.

When you slow down and consider each individual that your life bumps up against, and connect with them in a very personal way then all the “training” becomes so superficial.  So dehumanizing.

Isn’t that why we celebrate little children?   Because they require our honest and authentic attention.

To do that with others requires a maturity and soberness that takes work.  It also speaks to inconvenience.

And THAT is tough stuff.  It creates a person who radiates a “deep water” persona.

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