Customer Experience – The Yellow Brick Road That No One REALLY Gets

There is an intensity of facial expression on the bride-to-be, and maybe more so, her mother.   There is a calm countenance of father of the graduating college graduate as he no longer experiences the vacuum sound around his wallet.   The pure excitement in the faces of children while riding the bus to Walt Disney World is indescribable.

The powerful life experience of the wedding, graduation, being born again, and a host of other major events encourage massive change in the participants.

Customer Experiences as defined by most businesses might benefit by stealing from these big events.

The wedding dress, the graduation gown, the doctor’s smock.   What is the “uniform” of your customer experience?

Lou Tice called them a “who said of the greatest magnitude”.   These figures, these Wizards of Oz experts create a fairy dust effects with their authority.   The Divorce Judge, the College President at graduation, the doctor at the arrival of the newest family member.   Who is your Wizard of Oz?   Do you have your very own Mr. Goodwrench, or Betty Crocker?

When a true Customer Experience occurs then others are invited to participate.  There is no substitution.  It is unique, powerful and life changing.

It calls for C.A.S.E.   Copy and Steal Everything.   Why not steal from those who have been conducting customer experiences for centuries.

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