Confessions of a World Class Sales Trainer – A Conversation with Mark Hunter, Sales Expert Extraordinaire, About the Problems of Sales People

Breakfast with Mark Hunter.  Mark is one of the top Sales Trainers in the county.  Period!  The discussion lead to the question, “what are the areas that most sales people stumble over, again, and again?”

In hind sight the conversation turned predictable,   There are indeed areas where they struggle.  Repeatedly.

  1. Follow up
  2. What to Say
  3. Prospecting . . . it is NOT dead
  4. How to Respond
  5. Price – How to handle this constant challenge
  6. Hiring great sales people
  7. “They will not return my phone call/email”

Bonus from my own perspective

  1. How to Say Less – Consultative Selling Skills
  2. Industrial Strength Listening
  3. Personal Behavior/Communications (Charisma)
  4. Advanced Presentation Skills

After having been in sales or sales management repeatedly over the last 40 years, I totally agree.

The last part of our conversation was candid and almost obvious.

Mark: “I am amazed how much influence others have on us.   If we hang out with winners, then it is infectious.   But when you associate with the leaners, complainers, and Negaholics [my word], then it isn’t that surprising that you flow that direction.”   (forgive me Mark for taking literary license with your words)

When once asked why they hired outside consultants, a top executive of Hewlett Packard answered, “because there is a real danger in breathing your own exhaust.”

That is why Mark is in such demand.  He has heard the Top 7 (above) repeatedly.   Those 7 may be dressed differently, or painted a unique color, but they are consistent.

I guess there is something to be said about lack of originality.

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