“But Noah! I thought the Ark left at 8:00!”

Which stranger would you go with?

There at the end of the pier stand two men. On the left is the wizened old man, white beard, sun toughened face, calloused hands. 

To the right stands the expert.  He oozes sophistication, education and professionalism. 

Again, which one would you go with?  The old man or the young professional?

And what about you personally?  Where are you?  Where do you mentally slot yourself in your business, your profession? 

Are you the highly educated, sure footed and professional provider of products and services?

Or are you second guessing yourself, wondering if you are good enough, intimidated by the competition?  Do you ask, “why would they want to do business with me, when they could go to Mr. Big down the street?”  Do you really believe in your experience, your insights, your judgment and what you bring to the table?

Like David in the face of the Goliathian challenges: today requires courage and faith in your value.  More now than ever. 

The smaller can move faster, build stronger relationships, and need fewer approvals from others in the giant organization.  They can customize and listen with more intensity. 

The Rock Star of Consultants, Mike Weiss, says of his coaching clients, “the biggest shortage of value in business today is self confidence.  People have no belief in what they are really worth.”

So back to the end of the pier.

On the left, behind the old man floats his creation.  Same with the professional. 

Which would you pick?

The Titanic or the Ark?

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