Bryant Heating Equipment Leaves a Cold Feeling

I came home from a Holiday get away to a cold house.  My Bryant furnace was on the fritz.  Told by the repairman that it was the “Cadillac” of equipment.  He then proceeded to tell me how I would need a new squirral cage fan and motor for $1000.  A new furnace is only $3000.  What a rip off.  There is no way a motor and some fan blades cost $1000.   Our conversation now turned very cold.  He finally came back with an offer which gave me a discount if I bought a one year service contract that brought the repair price in at $50 less.  But then I realized that Bryant Heating (a division of Carrier) just inflates their part prices.  When you are cold, you will pay what they are ransoming.  What a horrible customer ploy.

Oh, it gets interesting.  When I called Bryant, the person that answered could only tell me where to go to buy their equipment.  No one was there to take a customer complaint.  Does that surprise you?

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