Brainwashing of the Computer User

Apple, long studied for their marketing and advertising has another winner.  Ah, those humorous PC versus Mac TV ads.  PC versus the Mac - the myth debunked

I worked at the company that sold the first Apple computer in the country (serial # 11 by the way).  Over the years I have advertised, marketed, sold, managed the sales of tens of billions of dollars of computers to corporations across the country.

My first computer was a Mac.  Since then I have had many many computers.

Today I am amazed by the Apple marketing that says, “buy a Mac and the world will get simpler”.

And people buy that.   They so believe that their experience will be just that.  Now that might be true BUT ONLY after there is a steep learning curve.

I have an acquaintance who jumped into the Apple world and it was interesting to watch him struggle with getting simple things done for weeks and weeks as he learned where everything was.

Moral of the Story: You can build a Customer Experience in the mind of the customer long before they even buy your product and spend thousands of dollars . . .  all built on a promise.  The customer often doesn’t even think about the road traveled to get there and the “pain” involved in that.

2nd Moral of the Story: If you are Microsoft, when will you realize that people are moving to the Mac because of your decades of rotten customer experiences.  They want revenge and the only way they can get it is to spend their dollars elsewhere.

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