Being Cool is over the horizon of the average.

Facebook is not cool.  Recent findings of note indicate that the social media site is loosing some of its cachet with the teen crowd.Patek-Philippe-Watch-1

There is a real value in exclusivity.   Does that $80,0000 dollar import sedan get a gas mileage that is 3 times better than the American sedan, while selling for 3 times the price?  Is it’s sound system three times better?  The fact is that there is real value in the unique, the niche.   The $30,000 watch may only be a ten thousandth of a second more accurate than the $100 watch . . . but the customer is not paying for time.  They are paying to belong to a “country club” of members who paid dearly to stand out.

Most of the world is not even aware of the rarefied air in these high end products and services.  But those who have been sold the value of exclusiveness, they know.  To see and to be seen.

Isn’t that the value that each of us brings to our market?  To help the customer see and to be seen.

And if your products and offerings don’t stand out, then all you need to sell them is an average salesperson with average marketing and average skills.

But to act as the beacon on the hill, that brilliant iconoclast that dares to differ, who strives for significance versus success . . . it is just a matter of time before you are . . . cool.

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