Are YOU Happy? . . . my conversation with Alex Trebek

It took a minute because he was out of place, at least in my mind.Alex Trebek & Kordell Norton

After I sat down, I looked at the row of seats opposite mine in the airport gate area.  There in front of me was Alex Trebek of Jeopardy fame.  He had a slight warm smile as our eyes met.  (I have since learned that he is worth about $45 million so he should be smiling. . . no?)

I asked him.  “May I ask you a question?”


“Do you ever get tired of your celebrity?  Are you happy with what you are doing?”

Alex is a native of Ontario, Canada.  I had just finished my work with the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada and was on my way “south of the border”.  Me, I was going to north east Ohio and Alex on a connecting flight to L.A.

He paused for a moment.  “I guess I am happy.  I don’t mind the fame as well.”  We talked for a few minutes before picked up his newspaper, snapped it once and was mentally gone.

Are you happy?  This time of year brings out the best and the worst in personal happiness.   If you could gauge your happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you put yourself?  Based on the work of one expert the average is . . . .  (see below).  This expert found that when someone won the lottery their happiness jumped to 10 (well that is a big duh).  But within one year they had dropped back to the average.  He also found those who were in accidents and became quadriplegics found their happiness dropping to zero.  BUT WITHIN ONE YEAR THEIR HAPPINESS WAS BACK TO ONE POINT SHORT OF THE AVERAGE.

One recent British study found there was a recipe for happiness.  Put the following ingredients in and viola. . . happiness.

6 and 1/2 hours of sleep – less than a 20 minute commute, 5 home cooked full meals a week, exercise, and  a night out with good friends or family.  Ta Da.  Happy.

Hmmm.   I finally have my sleep UP to 6 hours, sometimes.  Commute is a French word for “my office is in the basement.”  Doing the exercise, but it is a workout getting there.  The five meals, not a problem (just look at my slim figure. . . NOT).    The friends and family.  well, isn’t that what the holidays are all about.  For me, this is my favorite because y’all are there.  If you measure happiness and quality of life by the people you know, meet and associate with, then I am richer than Alex Trebek.

Have a GREAT Holiday and a Happy New Year


P.S. – the national average for “How would you rate yourself for happiness on a scale of 1 to 10?’   The answer – 7

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