Always Room at The Inn for Luxury – How "easy" struggles with the high end

Terminal 2 at JFK.  Hovering above the crowded gate areas is a massive Delta Sky Club.  People waiting for flights are oblivious of those sitting above in the balcony in plush chairs, their Starbucks complimented with a meal, showers, and muted colors.

There will always be a place for luxury.  Low price on the other hand is easy.  Lots of competition.  It takes no skill to lower the price.  Everyone can do it.  Opposite luxury takes creativity, focus, and planning.  Seventy percent of the corporations in this country have a focus on moving into the high end.  It is harder to do, but a lot more profitable.  One Gallup poll put it at 36% more PROFITABLE.  It is strategic, it takes discipline.

There is a reason creativity and it’s application . . . innovation . . . are so appealing.


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