4 Industry Trends for Construction – Why Making Your Business more Charismatic is a Must

In a recent blog by Rachel Burger of Capterra, (http://blog.capterra.com/the-top-6-construction-trends-for-2016/) she talks about the 6 trends for the construction industry in the coming year.  Based on her research and input from sources as diverse as Zillow and the Wall Street Journal, you can see that 4 of the 6 are all about Business Charisma.

Get ready to pay your workers more.

Capterra points out that in the construction industry that pay is lagging behind.  Other research hints that pay is not as powerful as other factors.  In Daniel Pinks book titled Drive, he points out that what motivates us more often non-pay factors.  People still leave their current employment because the boss is a . . . jerk.  Charisma, that ability to connect with employees is a powerful weapon in motivating and keeping employees.

Expect the custom restaurant boom to continue.

Five Guys Hamburgers and Fries are still running circles around McDonalds.  Chipotle, and regional players like Cafe Rio, create customized foods that continue to deliver personality.   Amazon continues to deliver mass customized offerings to their customers.  The ability to engage the customer (and employee) at higher levels will continue to get the attention of today’s consumer.  The Net Promoter Score revolution asks the ultimate question of “would you recommend our experience to your friends and family?” Customized restaurants that are more “green” will continue to gain power as creativity and innovation are forced into even construction.  Engagement will win.

Housing will continue to be all about renovations, renovations, renovations.

The momentum of renovating versus new builds continues to hold steady.  Both Boomers and Millennials are upgrading and installing technology.  But engagement due to frugalness, and making technology easy and understandable is still at the forefront.  To throw money into renovation without first getting buy in from the customer, with that industrial strength listening that is part of Business Charisma, is an imperative.

Millennials will continue to shy from buying first-time homes.

The Millennials will continue to puzzle much of the construction industry.  Often their huge student loans will make the better buyer of of construction a thirty-something, versus a twenty year old.  In addition they have resources from the Baby Boomer parents.  But even then they think and buy differently.   See – https://kordellnorton.com/seven-behaviors-to-connect-and-motivate-the-rising-generation-connecting-with-millennials/.

The ability to predict the future will still serve the construction industry well.  In addition to the above trends, construction will be address the demand for business that is engaging, more personable, and more charismatic.  That is both the business and its employees.



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