Daily Archives November 4, 2016

The Death of the Funeral Business

What happens when you take a former executive who ran Disney’s Epcot Center and you put him in charge of a major purveyor of funerals and cemeteries?   The death business is finding new life. As the trend continues to move away from burial plots and caskets, instead savvy funeral businesses are moving into the entertainment business.  Gone are the showrooms of caskets (depressing to clients).  Now the family can pick those from an electronic catalog. But in place of that, the new trend is a multisensory room that is jam packed with electronic audio and video capabilities.  The family
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Is the Twinkie Charismatic?

It is official.  The Twinkie is here to stay.  In fact, Hostess Brands LLC, in an effort to make sure their product can be profitable has changed the recipe on this soft yellow calorie laden snack so that it has a shelf life of 2 months.   WALL-E’s cockroach robot would be so proud. Behind the new changes is a learning experience for Hostess Brands.  They have tried changing the recipe in the past when shortages of certain ingredients became constrained, only to hear of revolt in their customer set because of the change to the texture. The comeback of
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