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Don't Drink the Woolite

Don’t ask.  I can’t tell.  Her name will stay anonymous. She was on cruise control as she readied herself for the daily grind.  With an aspirin sized headache she looked around for liquid to help down a couple of Tylenol.  She spied the small glass of liquid, threw back the pills and washed them down handily with the glass of “water”. That was when she remembered that she had filled that glass with Woolite a few days before.  This handy dandy cleaning solution – that will do wonders for “your sweaters and unmentionables” – had done a wonder in disguising
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Pearls and NOT shooting yourself in the Foot

Wanna raise? There is an online retailer called The Pearl Outlet.  Now who buys pearls?  Especially on line?  Well that is something that they wanted to know.  If they did a marketing campaign that said, “Say you are sorry with pearls” would that work?  So they commissioned a study of 8,000 customers and a real surprise popped up.  Those customers who were willing to say they were sorry earned more money.  In fact they earned twice as much as those who rarely, or never apologized.  It turns out that those who earned $100,000 a year or more were twice as
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