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Godiva Chocolates Hides Their Charms

Godiva has to have great looking products that stand on their own. They must, because if you take away the gorgeous packaging and the great looking products . . . the rest looks pretty bad. I was doing sales training for a large group of executives in Reading, Pennsylvania.  I found out that Godiva has their chocolate plant in Reading and so I tried multiple times to connect with someone, anyone with in the Godiva organization.  What I found out was that there is no way for you to talk to a real person at Godiva.  No one returns your
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Baby Boomers Start to Lose to Gen Y

Bryan Badger is THE honcho at Hot Pockets.   For two years he has been the CEO in Colorado.  In our conversation he pointed out that his sales track the economy.  As it goes south, his sales go north. The really cool stuff he is doing has to do with the culture there at Hot Pockets.  The average age of his employees is about 32 years of age, so he had to change the culture to cater to the younger audience.  Some of his ideas are so simple that they are brilliant. Guitar Hero for lunch.  That’s right.  There are times
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