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When the customer asks you if THAT is your best price . . . then you know what you did wrong in the sales call.

Dr. E.K. Strong wrote the book Psychology of Selling in 1927.  In his ground breaking tome he educated on: Closing Techniques Overcoming Objections The most common objection sales people get is, “can you do something about your price?” For decades a plethora of alternatives, techniques and manipulative steps were taught to sales people across the land. Not only do these technique drive the customer crazy, but they also speak to the outmoded selling practices of the  consultant, or executive. You see, if you connect with the customer at a deep, visceral level and discover their pain, passions, problems and priorities
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How to Change Association Leadership Focus and Get Short and Long Term Growth – The Recruiting Reality of Two Different Targets

Most associations have a ticking bomb and they don”t really know it.  Their core membership is going to start (don”t say it) r e t i r i n g.  All those Baby Boomer members are going to drop out of membership and then what.  Not only do you need to recruit more of these ideal customers (boomers) but you also need to focus on the “young, new blood” in both your marketing, programs and leadership. Marketing to Baby Boomers is fairly easy.  The Association recruiting efforts of the past (with a dose of Kordell ideas) will do very well. 
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When your back is up against the wall . . . you think, "Maybe I ought to fix the wall."

It was 1972 and Southwest Airlines was in dire straits.  Financial requirements were forcing them to “downsize” their equipment inventory.  They had to sell one of their four planes. Reading the writing on the wall their employees jumped into the challenge of creating instead of “woe is me . . . I am about to be laid off.”  Their idea, “lets continue to operate with three airplanes like we had four.”  To do this required an unheard of goal of turning about the plane in 10 minutes.  Incredible.  Impossible. Pilots helped load/unload luggage. Flight attendants picked up trash and crossed
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