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Happy New Year? Stop! Don't go there! "Warning Will Robinson! Warning"

One of the great stories in business was when the Kimberly Clark company decided to sell off all of it’s paper mills and focus on their consumer products in the 1971.  All of business told them that they were absolutely crazy.   The result was a focus that allowed them to chase after, catch, and trounce their largest competitor.  Procter and Gamble.  Within a short time period they were so profitable they were able to buy back their paper mills at a fraction of what they sold them for. Image that.  Sell you manufacturing capabilities.  What kind of crazy person does
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Four out of Three People Have Problems with Fractions – How to Really Grow Your Business

Since 37.843% of all statistics are made up, how do you know what you should be measuring? (grin) This is a rant on numbers.  Not just any number but one particular item and how it impacts your world. These are the days of eliminating the number of commas in your world.  What?  Commas.  You know those nifty little period symbols with a tail.  They, the coma, will allow you, and anyone else, to write sentences, and those, with independent clauses (OK . . . so I only got 6 commas in this sentence.) I have a problem with commas when
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