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Is the Twinkie Charismatic?

It is official.  The Twinkie is here to stay.  In fact, Hostess Brands LLC, in an effort to make sure their product can be profitable has changed the recipe on this soft yellow calorie laden snack so that it has a shelf life of 2 months.   WALL-E’s cockroach robot would be so proud. Behind the new changes is a learning experience for Hostess Brands.  They have tried changing the recipe in the past when shortages of certain ingredients became constrained, only to hear of revolt in their customer set because of the change to the texture. The comeback of
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“Excuse me. You have a French fry sticking out of your nose.”

Five Guys hamburgers.  Visions of red and white checked decor, with peanuts in shells to distract you while your burger is customized in it’s assembly and you are assaulted with the French fry experience. Assaulted?  By French fries?  Experience? To the uninitiated.  You can pay less to get a hamburger at almost every other fast food joint in town.  But then you are not vacuumed into the experience of a Five Guys . . . “burger and fries” (I know the rhyming is too much).  The added price is worth the price of admittance. There on the wall is the
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