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The Tips


The Tips – The 7 Elements for Sales & Leadership that Drive High End Sales, Create Engaged Customers, and Make the Competition Evaporate

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He was struggling to manage a sales team and their migration to high end offerings when he discovers the secret of the Dominoes.  Come and discover the powerful principles of leadership from the story of a father, his friend, and a son.In The Tips, you will get ways to:

  • Leverage your sales force to drive greater success.
  • How to not only distance yourself from your competition . . . but to make them go away.
  • How to improve the Time Management capabilities of your sales team.

A quick and simple read, The Tips will give you common sense insights on sales management, messaging that will make you stand out in the market, and the ability to boldly lead with a vision.

Why waste time on gaining experience when you can immediately benefit from The Tips.


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